Margaret Mew

I’ve sewn and made things for as long as I can remember. . .

Margaret Mew

…..then, after a brief dabble in patchwork, in 1992 I enrolled in a class to make a ‘real’ quilt ~ to be appliqued, pieced and quilted by hand.  The quilt would be for my daughter, she was four at the time and I know she would have liked something bright, pink and Barbie-ish.  However, even though I had very little experience of quilts back then, I knew I wanted this quilt to look like it had been around a hundred years or so already.  That quilt is still here at home and it’s been well used and loved, laundered countless times.  It’s now looking about old enough for my liking, I just wish I’d quilted it more densely.  I don’t know why quilting grabbed hold of me like it did, but I’m glad it did and hopefully I’ll always feel that way.

I still like my quilts to look old so designing and making quilts which look like they come from yesteryear has become my passion.  My quilts range from original designs to those which are reproductions of antique quilts.

I teach both hand & machine piecing and hand applique using a variety of techniques.  I really enjoy helping quilters, whether they’re new or experienced, get started on a new quilt.  I like to help my students find their own style and their own methods too. . . there’s no one right way, or wrong way, of doing anything.

Embracing social media, I love to see what quilters are working on and share my own quilt studio creations on my blog and on Instagram